Presencequest features a content in its consultancy and training that explains the positive influence that occurs at all times and decisions of your life, with the body and mind balanced and both focused on the present moment.

With meditation techniques and physical exercises that Presencequest teaches, people can be more balanced day by day, increasing creativity and performance on tasks.

This base is the time to discover, explore, experiment and experience the skills, creativity and talent of each one. To this end, we apply interactive and body exercises, workshops, group dynamics and meditations with the purpose to question and challenge if your current functions in the company are compatible with your real passions and qualities as an executive.

With the content presented and dynamics applied, there’s a moment of reflection and inquiry to examine whether the actions and tasks that each person was executing is really according to his skills and passions. Thus, the basis of all training, workshop or consulting offered by Presencequest, is to transform each individual so that he can perform his tasks, both at work and in personal life, with more love, will and creativity.

Personal transformation is the key to organizational change. In this basis, Presencequest confronts what the group had been doing for the company, with what was learnt throughout the process. To do so, the real skills and passions of individuals are analyzed and questioned, and how this can add value to the organization.

Based on those 4 bases, the result of the services provided always benefits both sides (people and company), so that, with more balanced people, who understand their limits and vulnerabilities, but also recognize their virtues and qualities, there’s a personal transformation, being the key to organizational change. Thus, the entire team gets more aligned, focused in a single goal, and, therefore, tasks are performed with much more creativity and efficiency.